Sesderma K Vit

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Key Ingredients:

Vitamin K oxide, camphanediol, pinanediol, organic silica, hyaluronic acid, Castanea sativa extract, ginkgo Biloba extract encapsulated in liposomes.


  • Ideal for those who have eye bags with a vascular origin
  • Helps to remove the blood pigments that tend to accumulate over time and give the shadowing effect under the eyes
  • This serum has a light and non-greasy formula that deeply hydrates and removes all signs of fatigue
  • Removes under eye darkening caused by blood extravasation
  • Clarifying and antioxidant action of vitamin K and Vitamin E
  • With sodium hyaluronate to fill the fine lines and Ginkgo Biloba to reinforce the blood vessels
  • Decongests irritated skin
  • Leaves the skin soft and smooth

Skin Type:

All Skin Type


10 ML

Direction of Use:

Apply a drop of k vit liposomal serum over the dark circle and massage it gently from the inside end of the eye outwards.

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